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I encourage anyone who lives with depression to give writing a try, to help release your mind of the stresses you may have in life. I also thrive in list-making, another way of organising my mind. I will have blog posts discussing both of these techniques and how they helped me through depression and still help keep me organised through University. 

As well as depression, I also have dyslexia. Many people explained to me that I would never pass a writing course with this limitation, especially with reading being my biggest problem. However, I chose to prove them wrong and write everyday, both for my course and myself. 

Never let anyone tell you that you won't be able to do something, they're just jealous of your bravery. 


My name is Katie and I am a 23 year old student from England. I grew up just outside of London until I moved to Surrey for University.


Early in my education I was interested in the arts which lead to me studying graphics through school and then animation at college. After over three years, including one year at University, of doing animation I changed course, to my true passion; writing. 

Within my lifetime I have experienced several milestones and my favourite way of expressing these is by writing them down. I often also use writing to communicate when I have found it hard to verbally communicate my feelings, the best example of this is when my boyfriend and I started dating we would write letters to each other discussing our intentions and feelings. I also wrote down my entire experience I had of coming to the Christian faith. I have a long history of depression and severe anxiety and writing is the best way for me to release my worries.

I began writing a book when I was 19 and soon realised that it was a fantastic hobby but not an easy way to publicise my works, this was when I created my own website. 


If you have any questions, queiries or thoughts please, don't hesitate to conatct me. 

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