A lifestyle and whatever comes into my head blog. With a variety of categories such as story times, a few wedding bits and DIY projects. 

I am currently doing a blog series about my time in UK lockdown which will be a post every week with what I've been up to. Have a read here. 

We're into Season 3 of our podcast. With remote working, Asher and I are posting a new episode every other week and we do our best to not just talk about the lockdown. Come along for a Coffee and a Cry with us!  


Check out some of the poetry I have written over the past few years. Most of my poetry is free verse and about a variety of different topics, including my past struggles with depression, my collection on Invisible Illnesses and my experience writing with dyslexia.  

To read any of my publications for either freelance works or the company I am currently working for, click here to see every article I have currently written. 

Enjoy writings about current events, sports, social media and more. 


This page contains a collection of my works from animation to short stories. Ever since having a computer I've kept work that I would write between school and football. This page contains  my testimony from becoming a Christian as well as my animation Jump.

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